Sponsorship Conditions

Sponsorship and Sponsors’ Forms

Sponsor Groups  Euro (VAT 23% excluded)
Platinum 8000
Gold 5000
Silver 3000

Sponsor Packages

Sponsor Platinum Gold Silver
Free of charge congress registration, number of delegates 3 2 1

Invitation at Gala Dinner, nr of delegates 

3 2 1

Free of charge exhibition space  6 m2.

Priority of choosing the exhibition space location

Free of charge exhibition space 4 m2.

Priority of choosing the exhibition space location
Company logo displayed within the congress areas and Reception Hall
Company logo displayed and acknowledgment during Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Company logo on the congress website. Link to the company website

Company logo on the congress bags

Acknowledgment in pre-congress and congress materials

Promotion leaflet, 1 insert at the congress bags 

50% page of advertisement in the Final  Congress Program  

Company promotion options by various sponsorship opportunities (all charges VAT excluded), examples:

  • Gifts for congress attendees, example: mobile power banks, company own branding, wine sets or similar value gifts -  2000 €.
  • Badge Lanyards  with the Company and congress logo, for all congress participants - 2000 €
  • Company logo displayed in the coffee break area and on each of the tables where the coffee break will be served -1500 €
  • Company logo printed on the tickets for the Gala Dinner and menu card, company roll-ups at the venue of the Gala Dinner – 1500 €
  • Company logo displayed in the Welcome Party area. Opportunity to place pull-up banners in the reception area and other branding material (e.g. napkins, etc.) – 1500 €
  • Company logo displayed in the lunch area and each of the tables where the lunch will be served on the requested date – 1000 €
  • Pens or Notepads With the Company and congress logo – 1000€.
  • Company logo on the memory stick with  congress abstracts - 1000 €
  • T-shirts for hostesses and other congress staff with company name and logo  -  1000 €
  • Company logo placed on direction signs, meeting room labels and boards with wi-fi password in the common areas  -1000 €
  • Company name and/or logo on banners located in the Poster Session area -1000 €

All promotion opportunities stated above will be exclusively provided to single company (exceptions for Platinum, Gold, Silver Sponsors)

Special Requests:

The ETCC2022 congress organizers are ready to discuss and agree also another options adapted to the sponsor and company promotion.

For company promotion and sponsorship support transfer your payments (in Euro) for the bank account:

IBAN: PL 89 1160 2202 0000 0003 7682 7906.     SWIFT code BIGBPLPW

For payments in Polish Zloty the bank account number is:

94 1160 2202 0000 0003 7670 2395 



Jozef Koziel 

Mobile: +48 601 553 001