Keynote Speakers

 Dr. Sascha Herrwerth

Presentation title: New solutions for Coatings: Taking you onto a journey from current developments to future trends and beyond

Dr. Herrwerth studied chemistry at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and at the University of Bristol. He obtained his Ph.D. in Heidelberg in 2002 for work on “Oligoether terminated self-assembled monolayers on gold and silver” in Heidelberg and Melbourne.

In 2003 he joined Evonik Industries AG where he worked in different functionalities and industries, including head of various areas: applied technology Cosmetic Rinse-Off, global technical service Specialty Resins, global applied technology Specialty Silica, global R&D competence center “Smart Surface Solutions” and the product development Coating Additives rheology/appearance. Since October 2018 he is heading the Global Applied Research & Technology Industrial Coatings within the Business Line Coating Additives of Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Hanau Germany. He is author and co-author of over 50 scientific and technical publications and more than 50 patents. He presented lectures at many international congresses.

Prof. dr. Mark Soucek

Presentation title: “Advances in Self-Stratified Coatings”

Dr. Soucek obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from Eastern Illinois University, and a M.S. from Illinois State University.  In 1990, he obtained his Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin.  In the years1990-1993, he was a NRC Post-Doctoral Fellow at NASA-Langley Research Center.  From 1993 dr. Soucek was an Assistant and then Associate Professor at North Dakota State University in the Department of Polymers & Coatings focusing his research on Coatings Science.  In 2001 he joined the Polymer Engineering Department at the University of Akron and while at UA being promoted to full Professor.

He also has relations with the University de Maine in LeMans France, appointed as guest professor at Wuhan University of Technology, Adjunct Professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and University Ljubljana/PoliMat in Slovenia. 

In his academic career he received many awards in the coating field and has run many coating symposium.

Prof Soucek is known for his pioneering work in Inorganic/Organic hybrid coatings, Self-Stratifying Coatings, and cure-on-command magnetically curable coatings.  He presently is introducing hydronomers to the coatings world.  He has >190 research papers published and numerous patents all in coating science. In 2019, he has become Departmental Chair and presently leads the Department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Akron. 


 Dr. Bart Erich

Presentation title: Solar control coatings for heat harvesting of building façades

Dr. Ir. Erich received his Ph.D. degree in physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2006 in the group Transport in Permeable Media (TPM). His PhD work focused at NMR imaging of curing processes in alkyd coatings. Since 2006 he is working both at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the group Transport in Permeable Media (TPM) and at TNO -the Dutch organization of applied research. At TNO his work focuses at innovations of materials for the built environment, with special focus on coating research, transport processes and on release of active ingredients (such as biocides) in building materials.

In recent year the focus has moved towards energy related topics, such as solar heat harvesting panels, as well as energy storage. He is currently coordinator of the European Horizon 2020 project “ENVISION”, which focusses at developing energy harvesting solutions for the building skin. In this project together with AkzoNobel they have been developing solar heat harvesting coatings. In 2019 the EU Horizon 2020 project “HEAT-INSYDE” started, focussing at storing heat in a thermochemically based heat battery.


Andre van Linden                                      


​​​​​​Presentation title: "Creating Value through Innovation and Collaboration"

Andre van Linden graduated from Technical University Delft in Technology of Macromolecular Substances in 1986 after which he joined Akzo as researcher. After a few roles in decorative paints as lab manager he became marketing manager in the representative office in Moscow in 1995.
After three years in Russia he was active for another 10 years in the Netherlands as (Sr.) Marketing Manager, being responsible for color, innovation and labelling. In 2008 he became R&D Director for Decorative Paints in North and Eastern Europe, with a category lead role for woodcare.

In 2010 he became global R&D director for many Decorative categories and in 2017 Director Coatings Technology Akzo-Nobel, responsible for all (company-wide) innovative research and university collaborations. He is chairman of many groups like ISO TC/35 (Paints and Varnishes); Topsector Chemistry Advanced Materials; Dutch paints technologist association (NVVT) and the Board Member of FATIPEC Federation.


 Dipl. Ing. Dr. Albert Rössler

Presentation title: Functional wood coatings - Challenges and opportunities


Dr. Rössler was graduated from the Technical Institute of Chemical Engineering in Wels, Austria and studied chemical engineering at the ETH Zurich. He worked about fuel cells in collaboration with the company Volvo AB, Göteborg and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. He received his Ph.D. degree at the at the ETH Zurich in the field of dye and textile chemistry.

Mr. Rössler worked as assistant in the research group for nanotechnology at the ETH Zurich in the field of the flame synthesis of nanoscale particles. Since 2003 he has been involved in the research and development of the ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik Johann Berghofer GmbH & Co  company, which is managing since 2009. Mr. Rössler is the author of several patents, and published a large number of scientific and technical work in relevant journals.

Albert Rössler, born 1975 in Innsbruck, Graduated from the Technical Institute of Chemical Engineering in Wels (Austria) and studied chemical engineering at the ETH Zurich. After his diploma thesis in collaboration with the company Volvo AB, Göteborg, at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, about fuel cells, the doctorate was conducted by Prof. Rys at the ETH Zurich in the field of dye and textile chemistry. This work was awarded the COLORCHEM'02 Clariant Innovation Award and the Max Kunz Prize of the Swiss textile industry.

Subsequently, Mr. Rössler worked as a research assistant in the research group for nanotechnology of Prof. Pratsinis at the ETH Zurich in the field of the flame synthesis of nanoscale particles. Since 2003 he has been involved in the research and development of the ADLER company, which is managing since 2009.

Mr. Rössler is the author of several patents, and published a large number of scientific and technical work in relevant journals.

Dr. Thomas Rudolf May

Presentation title: What is the appropriate response of the coatings industry with regard to the ongoing process of reclassification of compounds?


Dr May studied physics at University Bremen and safety engineering at Technical academy Berlin. He worked for University Bremen in the years 1979-1982. In the years 1984-2017 he worked for Herberts GmbH / DuPont Performance Coatings GmbH / Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH at Wuppertal/Germany as Commissioner for customer related environmental protection and product stewardship coordinator. Task details: support of industrial and professional customers (users of coatings) with regard to permits, emission control, industrial hygiene, safety, waste and waste water management, life cycle engineering, export control, food and drinking water contact, REACH implementation. Since May 2017 he is independent consultant Environmental protection, health and safety.

Dr May was taking part in various technical working groups, committies and networks, of European and German associations. He is the author of many publications and presentations.


Dr. Tomasz Zieliński

Presentation title: Trends and challenges – new business model of chemical Industry in Europe

Dr Zielinski graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology at Faculty of Construction, Mechanics and Petrochemicals under the chemical technology specialization.

He was an Assistant Professor in Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw,  worked for PKN ORLEN SA as a Chief of COO’s Office and Managing Director of the Centre of Innovations and Technological Investments Ltd. and Director of Department of Technological Investments in AKJ Capital S.A.  In 2009 he became a Vice-President of the Board of Chemical Company  “Police” S.A.  and from 2010 he was an Executive Member of the Board of Anwil S.A. (PKN ORLEN GROUP) and  a President of the Board of Chemeko Ltd. (Anwil Group). He was a Board Member  of the Fertilizers Europe.

Dr Zielinski is a Board Member of the European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG) and Global Advisory Board Member of World Refining Association. He is a member of many chemical associations including American Chemical Society. He is a Council Member of Polish Chamber of Commerce and Presidium Member of Committee of Chemistry in Polish Academy of Sciences.

Since 2013, he is a President of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.


Christel Davidson

Presentation title:  “Paint it green. The EU initiatives that the paint industry is facing"


Christel Davidson joined CEPE- The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists‘ Colours Industry, in January 2020.She comes with some 20 years’ experience in EU Affairs, primarily in sustainability.

Prior to CEPE, she worked for various trade associations, Small Business Standards, EuroCommerce and SMEunited (previously UEAPME), and the environmental NGO, including Birdlife International. 
Christel holds a postgraduate DES in environmental sciences (ULB) and a university degree in Business Administration (ICHEC Brussels Management School).


 Dr. Jaap Akkerman

Presentation title: 36 years paint and resin innovation

Dr. Jaap Akkerman started as resin chemist in 1980 at Sikkens in Sassenheim. He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry in 1982 at the University of Amsterdam. After 5 years of innovative research in companies Synthese and Sikkens (later Akzo),  he became manager of the Laboratory for Decorative Waterborne Coatings, Innovative Lab for Decorative Coatings and  finally manager of the Technology Center for Pigments and Pigment Dispersing Agents as well as the Technology Center of Effect Coatings at Akzo Nobel  in Sassenheim. In the next steps of his career he became R & D Manager Surface Coating Resins Europe and later Technical Development Manager, taking care of implementation of new technologies, at Akzo Nobel Resins in Bergen op Zoom.

In January 2005 Akzo Nobel Resins became Nuplex Resins and dr Akkerman until his pension in 2017, became principal chemist. He performed more than 50 presentations and publications, 5 patents and won several prices on coatings conferences. For over 7 years he is board member of the NVVT, the Dutch paint technician association.